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Getting a home loan is a hassle

The ugly truth about home loans.  They're a hassle!

Reducing this hassle can make the process more tolerable.

And you can make the loan process easier with CAKE. The acronym CAKE represents the qualities a loan officer needs to possess. With these qualities, a loan officer can reduce hassle, explain everything and provide a home loan experience every home buyer or refinancer deserves. CAKE stands for:

Communication -- Ability -- Knowledge -- Experience


A loan officer should be prompt to respond, with easy to understand details--and be willing to answer all questions with accuracy and speed. They should utilize phone calls, texts and follow up detailed discussions with emails to document and further explain answers and numbers. One of the biggest complaints home buyers and refinancers have is the failure to explain and lack of prompt responses from their loan officer. A loan officer should be willing to answer your questions as they arise--including after hours and even over the weekend. Most home buyer and agent communication happens outside normal biz hours so having a bank loan officer or one that is only available during biz hours often delays and complicates the loan piece of the process.


Communication is about effort, ability is something you possess naturally or through experience. A loan officer needs to have the ability to quickly review a home loan scenario, look for any issues or potential problems with a home buyer's qualifying criteria and the property they are potentially making an offer on. And then be able to explain what needs to be done to overcome any issues. I hear from so many agents and buyers how they were surprised at the very end of a transaction to have to jump through last second loan hoops or even be turned down. A loan officer should have the ability to anticipate any potential issue and help the agent and home buyer be ready to overcome any issue.

Knowledge & Experience

Knowledge and experience go hand in hand--one is not worth anything without the other. With that said, I'm reminded of a quote.....

“Knowledge without experience is merely philosophy; experience without knowledge is ignorance.”

Home loan knowledge is obtained through effort-- spending time on quality education & training, staying on top of the latest rule changes, and constantly learning and re-learning from the experience of transactions with other real estate and mortgage professionals. Most long time professionals will tell you there is nothing that develops your knowledge faster than real world, make a mistake and learn from it experience. The best will constantly make an effort to understand and research the what's and why's of a transaction to never make a mistake twice--and serve their borrowers and referral partners better.

Experience comes with time and lots of home loan transactions. Just because a loan officer has 20 years of experience does not mean they have closed thousands of transactions and have the knowledge to be among the best at what they do. Someone can survive for years skating through a profession, depending on co-workers to consistently bail them out --without taking the time or energy to gain the knowledge needed.

You can always choose the loan professional you work with. Ask questions, demand detailed, accurate answers and choose wisely!

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