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Why should you use Dennis and Lend4less as your preferred lender choice?

Thanks for visiting our site--my name is Dennis Hughes -President of Lend4less.


As a successful Realtor, the last thing you want is a bad lender involved in your transaction.  Bad lenders at worst, blow up a deal and at best create stress and tension with their lack of knowledge, upfront clarity -- and typically make mistakes that cost you, the buyer and even the seller money and time.


The ugly truth is nearly 80% of loan officers lack purchase loan experience--especially the big bank and online lender LOs.  These big box loan officers depend on their assembly line co-workers to eventually catch the mistakes they make when originating the loan.  If mistakes are not caught early or they are unfixable, deals blow up.  That means only 2 out of 10 loan officers is likely to provide a smooth lending experience, especially on a transaction with some difficult moving parts like a unique property or a marginally qualified buyer.


Closing lots of refis gives these inexperienced loan officers the false impression they can handle tough purchase transactions.  I'm sure many of the experienced agents out there have several bad lender stories to spotlight this ugly truth.


My #1 goal as a lending professional is to use my vast experience, explain everything communication skills and hard to compete with loan pricing that beats 99% of other lenders out there ---all to help you have a transaction that's smooth and as stress free as possible.  And to earn your future business referrals.

Check out my 5 star referrals to see what my clients have to say about their experience.

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Dennis is the best

Alex M. Groveland, CA

Dennis was absolutely wonderful to work with during our first home purchase. He answered all of our questions with so much thought and detail and always responded in minutes. His experience and attentiveness made me feel confident that he had our backs through out the whole process. I will recommend him without hesitation to my friends and family in the future. Thanks Dennis!

Here are some tools for real estate agents

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Get your personalized mortgage payment calculator and contact info mobile phone app by clicking on the cell phone picture.  You can customize it with your own picture and contact info and then send  your app version to your buyers.  They can quickly get accurate, customized monthly payments for any loan program, upload their documents --all while keeping you informed of their activity!

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