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Checklist of the typical items needed for your home loan
You can also take advantage of many of our doc-less options when completing your online loan application.

What We Request

Please know that we strive to only ask for the documentation required to approve your loan. There are times when you send us something which creates additional requests. If you have questions or concerns at any time, please do not hesitate to contact us!


How To Get Your Loan Approval Faster

A lot is going on behind the scenes to get your loan approved and meet the deadlines set by your sales contract. To ensure that these deadlines are met, we need your cooperation. Please provide the items requested below as soon as possible.



  • Government Issued ID – this is typically your driver's license or passport-- CLEAR Copy

  • Non-U.S. Citizens – Copy of Your Permanent Residence Card or Other Visa Information


Income Documentation

  • 30 Days of Paystubs

  • W2s for The Last Two Years

  • Federal Tax Returns (Personal) for the Previous  2 Years --all schedules needed

Employed Less Than 2 Years or Experienced a Gap in Employment?

  • Formerly a Student? – Copy of your Diploma, Degree, or Transcript

  • On Leave [i.e., Medical, Maternity]? – Please provide a signed explanation letter.  Additional documents may be required to support your letter

  • Gaps in Employment During the Last 2 Years? - Please Provide a Signed Explanation Letter.

  • Changing Jobs? – Copy of your New Employment Contract or Offer Letter


Self-Employed Applicants--if you own 25% or more of any business entity

  • Tax Returns for the Last Two Years (Business & Personal)

  • Proof of Self-Employment [such as a copy of your business license or a letter from your CPA] confirming that they have prepared your taxes for at least the previous two years.  Reach out with any questions on this subject.

  • Profit and Loss Statement – Year to Date – Unaudited----signed and dated


Other Types of Income:

  • Pension Letter

  • Social Security Awards Letter

  • Proof of Child Support – Maintenance - ONLY if you want this income included in your application. Note: If you want to use this as income, we will also need a Divorce decree/Separation agreement & copies of payments made for the last 6 months. Additionally, the Divorce decree must state that you will receive this income for at least 3 years after purchasing your new home.


Rental Properties & Income:

  • Complete list of all real estate owned and date acquired -including vacant land

  • Leases for all rentals

  • Mortgage Statement for each Property owned -last 2 months

  • Proof of Insurance for Each Property including billing statement

  • HOA billing statements if applicable

Asset Documentation:

  • 2 Most Recent Statements from ANY Asset you would like us to consider.

  • Important:  We need FULL/ALL Numbered Pages [Even if they are blank] for each account. 

  • Large Deposit in Your Account(s)? - If you have any large deposits, please write a note about what they are. [We may need further documentation based on reason]

  • CLEARED Earnest Money Deposit Check – Copy of the wire to the title company or cleared check [front of check with bank statement showing it cleared]


Credit/Debt Obligations Information:

  • Credit Inquiries – Please type and sign a letter of explanation for the inquiries. We need to know why you applied for credit and whether this will result in new debt.

  • Debt Paid by someone else? If you have an obligation such as a car loan or student loan paid by someone else, please provide copies of 12 Months of Cancelled Checks from the Person making the payments.

Information for the property being purchased:

  • Sales Contract w/ALL Addendums - Must be Signed by All Parties (this can typically be obtained by us from your real estate agent)

  • Your Present Home sales contract --if pending-- or Lease if you are Leasing Your Present home

  • Homeowner’s Insurance quote on your new home-- with insurance agent contact info--email and phone


If You Are Selling or Refinancing Your Current Home:

  • Mortgage Statements – Most Recent 2 months

  • 2nd Mortgage/HELOC Statement, if applicable--last 2 months

  • Tax Bill – Most Recent

  • Homeowner’s Insurance – Most Recent Statement

  • Condo/HOA Dues – current billing statement


Contact us for any special or unique situations and we will guide you through the documents needed.

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