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About Us

Thanks for visiting our site--my name is Dennis Hughes -President of Lend4less.  We can show you how to get a Hassle free Lower Rate and Save Money on Your Mortgage! 

Many people make the error of believing the choice of a mortgage company is the most important one they make when searching for a home loan.​  NOPE!  The most important choice is the right LOAN OFFICER!​  

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Any company can have great advertising gimmicks --with slogans like "Rocket Mortgage" --  and say they have the best rates available ---- most of which isn't true --- but if the loan officer is inexperienced, lazy or lacks integrity your experience can be a huge hassle that costs you time and money.

Putting your needs first should always be the #1 priority.  Do you really believe a big online lender or a bank loan officer cares more about your needs-- or are they going to comply with their managers and sell, sell, sell?  If you believe these big lender and bank loan officers will put your needs first over their employer's profit making policies - then unfortunately their marketing gimmicks worked on YOU!​

There is no substitute for experience, knowledge and integrity.  A well connected, experienced mortgage broker is a great asset to help you navigate through the maze of home loan options and helps to make sure you receive the best rate at the lowest cost available!

Allow me to show you how it can feel to work with a very experienced loan Pro!  One who cares more about your needs than maximizing profits. 

With 36+ years in the mortgage business --  and 10,000+ closed loans as a loan officer, sales manager and company owner - I use all that experience to reduce hassles for you --and save you money!

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