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Dennis is the best

Alex M. Groveland, CA

Dennis was absolutely wonderful to work with during our first home purchase. He answered all of our questions with so much thought and detail and always responded in minutes. His experience and attentiveness made me feel confident that he had our backs through out the whole process. I will recommend him without hesitation to my friends and family in the future. Thanks Dennis!

You need an accurate monthly mortgage payment calculator.  Far too many online payment calculators contain misinformation leading to eventual payment shock for a home buyer.  Our payment calculator is far more accurate!
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Home Loan Tips Blog

Welcome!  Our blog articles are designed to help with common and often complex issues that are a part of the home loan process. 

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There is a ton of confusing misinformation online when looking for answers to your questions and and unfortunately some of this inaccuracy can cause you stress, lost time and money.  Utilize these reference materials to assist in furthering your knowledge to create smoother transactions and maybe even keep one from blowing up!

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