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Mortgage payment calculator

You need an ACCURATE monthly payment Calculator to correctly estimate what your true mortgage payment would be based on a sales price and specific loan program.

To the right is a basic online mortgage calculator for quick quotes--not nearly as accurate as my mobile calculator app you can access by clicking on the cell phone picture.  Use 1.25% of the sales price for annual property taxes-and a home insurance annual premium will range -depending on the property --anywhere from $1000 to as much as $4k or more.


Once you register with your email address and your own password the calculator can be used on a PC or you can download the Loanzify app from your cell phone's app store to your mobile phone for on the go access.

Some facts about online mortgage payment calculators

Many online mortgage payment calculators intentionally or "accidentally" misrepresent the actual monthly housing payment based on a potential sales price.

They often reflect erroneous, lower annual property tax amounts as well as unrealistic lower annual home insurance premiums --especially for a home in high fire danger areas ----and in doing so give a false expectation of lower monthly mortgage payments.

My payment calculator will be far more accurate than nearly all available.  Remember to use 1.25% of the sales price for an estimate of California annual property taxes --this percentage is the standard nearly all lenders use for a home purchase transaction.

Monthly payment tip

A very quick way of calculating the monthly payment on a low or zero down payment purchase --based on average rates as of February 2024 —within a hundred dollars or so --- is to take the sales price divided by $1000 and multiply that number by about $8.  For example, a $300,000 sales price divided by $1000 equals 300.  300 times $8 equals $2400 a month for a total payment including base loan payment-- property taxes-- home insurance and any mortgage insurance.  A more accurate way is to use my online mortgage payment calculator —click on the picture to the right for access--it's quick and easy.

Keep in mind that your credit score, property type and percentage of down payment will have a direct affect on the mortgage rate you would receive.  An online payment calculator is a great tool however it will never be as accurate as what you can discover from a discussion with an experienced loan professional. 


I'm happy to answer any questions you have without any sales pressure.  You can contact me by clicking on the question pic to the right.

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