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Second Opinion Service

You Are Entitled To A Second Opinion, Even If You Have Already Been Pre-Approved for a home loan

Imagine you saw an ad for a car that was thousands cheaper than any other dealer-and then when you showed up-- that car was already sold-or the "special price" had expired--and now that salesman convinced you the numbers on this other deal were still pretty good.  Wouldn't you want a second opinion to make sure you got the best deal--especially since it seems like they bait & switched you with a deal that wasn't really available?


That's how a lot of home lenders conduct business--especially the online lenders -- just like many car dealers!  Nothing but tricks and manipulation of the truth.  They aren't local --won't see you around town--and they don't care about their business reputation like we do!


Your home loan is far too big a financial decision to put up with this kind of crap. 


If you have already been pre-approved for a mortgage on your home purchase or refi-- are you absolutely sure you are getting the best service and the best deal?

Give us a shot-- we'll let you know in just a few minutes if we can beat your current loan quote --and how much money you can save!  You only spend a few minutes --and it's highly likely we'll save you thousands of dollars!  And provide you with answers to your questions the other lender couldn't.

With our streamlined company structure and decades of experience closing home loans I'm confident we have better loan pricing than 99% of the other lenders in our market.  But our advantage doesn't just end with better rates--our knowledge and streamlined digital process will eliminate the frustrating hassles you would experience with most other lenders. 


And we take the time to answer all of your questions and provide you with every bit of information you need to make the best decision for YOU!

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We are much cheaper than the big name lenders like Rocket Mortgage, Wells Fargo, Bank of America ---and nearly every other big name lender you can think of - typically by thousands of dollars for the same rate.  And our service & knowledge blows them away.
Contact us to compare--and SAVE!

Dennis is the best

Alex M. Groveland, CA

Dennis was absolutely wonderful to work with during our first home purchase. He answered all of our questions with so much thought and detail and always responded in minutes. His experience and attentiveness made me feel confident that he had our backs through out the whole process. I will recommend him without hesitation to my friends and family in the future. Thanks Dennis!
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