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Shopping for a low mortgage rate?
Have questions and need answers without a sales pitch?
Need to close fast?

You need a lender & loan officer that can do all of these while giving you personalized service, provide great communication and with tons of 5 star reviews to back it up!
I'm Dennis Hughes, President of and you're at the right place.

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The ugly truth about home loans.

It's ironic that many lenders market getting a home loan as unique & cool while trying to hide how inconvenient the process typically is.   Like putting lipstick on a pig.


The truth is finding and closing a home loan is a gigantic hassle!  No one truly enjoys the process of getting a mortgage --the exciting part is finding and closing on your dream home.

Since most home buyers need a mortgage  choosing a lender that minimizes  this inconvenience while saving you money --- AND also provides you with the detailed information and service you deserve is SUPER IMPORTANT!

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Some tips below to help you chose the right lender

Tip #1 Don't fall for a big lender ad campaign scam and overpay for your home loan.  Learn how to choose your lender wisely and save thousands!
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Tip #2 The choice of a Loan Officer is more import than a lender to ensure a low hassle loan!
An experienced professional loan officer makes all the difference.  They are your initial and primary contact for any lender and a good one will provide accurate answers to ALL your loan questions and provide the prompt detailed  communication you deserve.
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Tip #4 You need an accurate monthly mortgage payment calculator.  Many online payment calculators contain misinformation leading to eventual payment shock for a home buyer.  Our payment calculator is far more accurate!
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Tip #5 Do research -read a lender's online reviews and talk to local "in the know" real estate professionals
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Tip #6 Understand how  your unique financial criteria, property type and transaction terms play a part in qualifying for a home loan and the rate you may receive.
Knowledge is key to your home purchase - learn the 4 C's a lender reviews to qualify you for a mortgage and what factors can be a problem
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Tip #7 Understand why most online lender rate quotes are inaccurate and sometimes flat out lies-- and learn what factors affect interest rates both nationally and specifically for you & your scenario
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