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What RE Agents receive from us

Reliable Pre-approvals

A successful Realtor does not want to waste time with a buyer prospect who cannot qualify for financing, but Realtors also don't want to miss opportunities because a loan officer didn't know how to help a borderline borrower become qualified.

When the time comes to make an offer on a property, Realtors want a Pre-approval letter that will inspire confidence to the Seller & Listing Agent. This is critical these days, when many markets have low inventories and heavy competition for the best properties.

Our reputation & pre-approvals are always rock solid-and with 10,000+ loans closed -- I know how to work with buyer qualifying issues to get more buyers qualified and to eliminate confusion and hassle.

Reliable On-Time Closings

When an agent refers a buyer & contract to a lender that transaction is the product of many hours of work on the part of the agent and the buyer.  Nothing will frustrate an agent more than doing all of that work and having it fall apart because of an incompetent lender. And unfortunately there are far too many incompetent lenders operating in the marketplace today.

With us you never have to worry about closing late--I take great pride in having the loan ready to close on time--and most of the time I have the loan ready a week or more ahead of the closing schedule.  And if need be, I can be ready to close in 14 days or less - I invite you to ask me how this is done!

World Class Communication!

We return calls and more importantly-I stay on top of the transaction from start to finish.  I own my mortgage company and I'm always the only point of contact for all parties.  I never hand off the transaction to an assistant, processor or other person.  Accountability, solutions and a smooth hassle free transaction are the traits I'm famous for.

Lead assistance.

Any buyer leads you send our way are extensively & personally followed up on from day one.  Often a buyer must be contacted a dozen times or more before they decide to buy--or are in a position to.  I have a highly effective contact management system that will stay in touch with buyer prospects for as long as it takes.  And then return a fully pre-approved buyer to you as soon as possible. 

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