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Let's face it--no one enjoys the process of getting a mortgage --the fun part is finding and closing on that dream home.  Unless you're paying all cash, a mortgage is a required part of the process to buy or in the case of a refi, to get the financial savings you need.

Our job --and promise-- is to make the loan experience as hassle free for you as possible.  We beat 99% of other
lender's rates to save you money and even more importantly we use our experience, knowledge and ability to make your loan experience easy!  We answer all questions quickly and with all the details you deserve.

Purchase or refi - we guide you through the process --36+ years experience and 10,000+ closed loans prove we have what it takes to get your loan closed on time.
We treat you right & get it done -- All our 5 star reviews prove it!
Dennis is the best!

   Alex M. from Groveland, CA


Dennis was absolutely wonderful to work with during our first home purchase. He answered all of our questions with so much thought and detail and always responded in minutes. His experience and attentiveness made me feel confident that he had our backs through out the whole process. I will recommend him without hesitation to my friends and family in the future. Thanks Dennis!

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No Sales Pitch!!

   Donna N. from San Jose, CA

Don't you hate it when you inquire about refinancing your home, and your phone begins ringing off the hook?? Dennis is the real deal, and with no arm-twisting pressure! He has financed, as well as financed, homes for us. I'm a realtor, myself, but couldn't ask for a better lender to work with and to recommend to others!

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Consumate Pro and an Authority in the Mortgage Business!

   Jade R. from Groveland, CA


I just closed on a second home in a highly controlled mountain community with wildfire risk. Dennis came highly recommended by my realtor, and soon after my initial communication, I quickly knew why. Dennis was not only very knowledgeable, but he is very responsive and patient. I had many questions, since this is my first vacation home purchase in California. Not only was he very prompt with his responses, but the whole transaction was relatively painless. Will I use him again? YES. Will I recommend him to my friends and family? Definitely!

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Great Experience!

   Meghan S. from Groveland, CA


Dennis was so incredibly helpful as we purchased our first home! He was great at communicating with us and keeping us informed with regular updates on the status of the loan. Even during the stressful time of COVID-19, Dennis made sure that we had all the resources necessary to move forward with the lending process. He was always available for any questions we had, and at the end of the mortgage process, we truly felt like we made a friend in Dennis. Very knowledgeable, very passionate, highly recommend!

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Why a bank or big lender isn't your best home loan option.

When searching for a lender many people make the mistake of choosing a big name-- overpriced - slow to respond lender.  Or even worse - a sweet talking -snaky loan officer who promises the world and delivers frustration and confusion.  Don't settle for high rates & fees, long delays, poor communication & lousy service.

Do your research, ask questions, demand excellence-- and wisely choose your lender!

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Home Loan Tips Blog

Welcome!  Our Guides & checklists listed below are designed to help with common and often complex issues that are a part of the home loan process. 

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There is a ton of confusing misinformation online when looking for answers to your questions and and unfortunately some of this inaccuracy can cause you stress, lost time and money.  Utilize these reference materials to assist in furthering your knowledge to create smoother transactions and maybe even keep one from blowing up!

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