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Fast Digital Loan Experience

Paperless-digital loan process

We utilize all the latest technology to help make your loan experience as doc-less as possible-eliminating the need for you to provide a stack of paperwork-and in some cases very little to no paperwork at all

  • Automated income and employment verification

  • Tax return verification

  • Bank accounts info verified-only with your permission

  • Property data to eliminate the need for an appraisal

Fast on time closings

We use the digital loan process and the experience of 10,000+ closed loans to anticipate any issues and eliminate delays so many other lenders burden you with.

With me you never have to worry about closing late--I take great pride in having the loan ready to close on time--and most of the time I have the loan ready a week or more ahead of the closing schedule.  And if need be, I can be ready to close in 14 days or less - I invite you to ask me how this is done!

Better Communication

I return calls and more importantly-I stay on top of the transaction from start to finish.  I own my mortgage company and I'm always the only point of contact for all parties.  I never hand off the transaction to an assistant, processor or other person.  Accountability, solutions and a smooth hassle free transaction are the traits I'm famous for.

All questions are Welcome!

All questions are welcome and answered in an easy to explain relaxed way.  Never any pressure --and we never make you feel you're just a loan number ---like you would with those big impersonal lenders.

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