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Any company can have great advertising gimmicks --with slogans like "Rocket Mortgage" --  and say they have the best rates available ---- most of which isn't true to begin with --- but if the loan officer is inexperienced, lazy or lacks integrity your experience can be a huge hassle that costs you time and money.

Putting your needs first should always be the #1 priority.  Do you really believe a call center lender or a bank employed loan officer cares more about your needs-- or are they going to do what their bosses want them to do?  If you believe these big lender loan officers will put your needs first-- then unfortunately their marketing gimmicks worked on YOU!​

There is no substitute for experience, knowledge and integrity.  A well connected mortgage broker is a great asset to help you navigate through the maze of home loan options and helps to make sure you receive the best rate at the lowest cost available!

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Thanks for visiting our site--my name is Dennis Hughes -President of Lend4less.  We can show you how to get a Hassle free Lower Rate and Save Money on Your Mortgage!